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The website pichacao.com was conceived having the master’s researchOs tipos gráficos da Pichação’ (The graphic types of Pichação) as its root. At first, the content of this site would be limited to this research only but as time goes by many other subjects have been incorporated to it. Therefore, any contribuition concerning to the subject can be sent and if considered relevant it could be added to the website.

The website´s author has 3 current productions referring to the subject mentioned.

First of them is a digital font named Adrenalina. Click here for more details on this project. You can buy this font by clicking Myfonts.com.

The second project is the website PICH(X)AÇAO selected by FILE 2006. This website has the purpose of creating digital experimentation using photos, sounds and types of pichação captured in São Paulo, Brazil as inspiration. Click here to be direct to it.

The third one is a selection of some comic commented photos of pichação entitled ‘Devaneios Pichográficos’ (sort of Daydreaming about Pichação). These photos were selected over 1000 photos taken in Mooca (a neighborhood in São Paulo) by the years of 2005 and 2006. Click here to see the photos.


Pichação is an act of transgression, a way of getting people´s attention by the fact that it normally uses non-conventional and non-authorized surfaces. It has no rules concerning form or content, although it may occur sometimes when a specific mark can be seen spread out the city as a stamp.

The drawings and illustrations tend to be very simple, used almost as symbols. The messages do not get colorful, they are monochromed most of the times and the surfaces chosen are never authorized. On the contrary, they are always taken by surprise. Unlike graffiti, which has a clear preference for rough surfaces, pichação uses already used surfaces or places taken by another pichação.

As a result, pichação makes use of the most varied surfaces as possible which include tops of buildings, monuments, museums and public spaces with cultural or hystoric values.

Avoiding any kind of apology for pichação, it is important to see this phenomenon in a very impartial way. Despite being an illegal activity, it is an independent movement that leads everyone to a higher level of consciousness and criticism for the writer himself gives a city a new face by proposing a new meaning for it.


A digital font is a set of characters that can vary in size and style.

It started to be used in the seventies and eighties after the introduction of computers and has been used to type texts in software programs since then.

It was just in these decades that pichação has started here in Brazil. Curiously, there is a certain coincidence between these two dates.

Nowadays, Brazilian pichação is worldwide recognized as a legitimate and singular phenomenon. Brazilian typefaces have some unique features that distinguish from others and their greatest representative, best known as straight tag, had its origin in São Paulo.

Though a digital font is designed one by one, it must keep the whole stylistic unity to be considered a font family. To be done in a professional way this font has necessarily to be designed in a proper software so that it can be transformed into a digital file. Taking this in consideration, Brazilian designers have changed their view towards the phenomenon of pichação and started to create digital fonts based on this type style.

There are 3 Brazilian digital fonts been commercialized at present. Three of them have been distributed by international font dealers. Click here for more details on digital fonts.

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